Cadbury makes a lot of new products every day. To be able to make more and only the best, we need your help. That's why we are looking for candidates who want to taste our latest chocolate and help them by giving away free Chocolate Baskets. Be one of them!

This is your chance to get a basket of Cadbury Chocolate worth 149£ for free!

Our stock are limited, so what are you waiting for? Simply answer the next survey below to claim your prize!

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Julia Reynolds Thank you so much, I received my chocolate.

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Brenda Harkless Thank you Cadbury <3<3<3

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Vicki Scanlan My little brother is gonna be so happy! Many thanks.

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Bette Castro Wow this is actually for real! I received my basket today. All you have to do is complete the steps and complete the data-form on the next page. Thank you so much!!!!

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Julia Neustad I have completed the steps,hopefully I win!

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Carol Harding Thanks, I will try it too.

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Sam Mendez Is this really true?

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Francis Hughes I don't know but I gave it a try. :-)

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Robert Palmer I completed all the steps, hopefully I win.

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